Natural Stone

Natural stone has been used for generations to build cities, roads, skyscrapers, hotels and churches among numerous other applications. Natural stone, in whatever form we see it, is an expression of art and history. The transformation from an earth formation to a block at the quarry, to a factory, and then to our showroom is amazing. Stunning colors and whimsical movement of stones are beautiful and exciting!

With literally thousands of different stone colors, you are sure to find one that suits your taste. Here at Scenic City Tile & Granite, we boast a very defined inventory of natural stones imported from all over the world. At our facility you will find tried and true colors as well as new exotic stones and tiles.

It is of the utmost importance that you select the right stone for your application. All stones have different mineral makeups and therefore will perform better in certain applications. Here at Scenic City Tile & Granite, we are well educated in the appropriate applications for each stone. Watch out, you just might get a geology lesson while visiting our showroom!

  • Granite (see below)
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Onyx
  • Slate
  • Soap Stone
  • Quartzite
  • Limestone

Granite Samples...

Granite Absolute Brown.jpgAbsolute Brown
Granite Baltic Brown.jpgBaltic Brown
Granite Bamboo Green.jpgBamboo Green
Granite Bianco Remano.jpgBianco Remano
Granite Black Galaxy.jpgBlack Galaxy
Granite Black Kozmus.jpgBlack Kozmus
Granite Black Marinace.jpgBlack Marinace
Granite Black Pearl.jpgBlack Pearl
Granite Blue Bahia.jpgBlue Bahia
Granite Blue Eyes.jpgBlue Eyes
Granite Blue Pearl.jpgBlue Pearl
Granite Butterfly Gold.jpgButterfly Gold
Granite Cafe Bahia.jpgCafe Bahia
Granite Cashmir.jpgCashmir
Granite Chocolate Beach.jpgChocolate Beach
Granite Colonial Cream.jpgColonial Cream
Granite Copper Canyon.jpgCopper Canyon
Granite Copper Silk.jpgCopper Silk
Granite Crema Bordeaux.jpgCrema Bordeaux
Granite Dakota Mahogany.jpgDakota Mahogany
Granite Emeral Pearl.jpgEmeral Pearl
Granite Emperadortile.jpgEmperadortile
Granite Giallo Fiorito.jpgGiallo Fiorito
Granite Giallo Vicenza.jpgGiallo Vicenza
Granite Golden Beach.jpgGolden Beach
Granite Golden Cascade.jpgGolden Cascade
Granite Golden Leaf.jpgGolden Leaf
Granite Golden Oak.jpgGolden Oak
Granite Green Marinace.jpgGreen Marinace
Granite Impala Black.jpgImpala Black
Granite Iron Red.jpgIron Red
Granite Ivory Coast.jpgIvory Coast
Granite Juparana Colombo.jpgJuparana Colombo
Granite Kashmir Gold.jpgKashmir Gold
Granite Kashmir White.jpgKashmir White
Granite Kinawa.jpgKinawa
Granite Luna Pearl.jpgLuna Pearl
Granite Mascarello.jpgMascarello
Granite Napleon.jpgNapleon
Granite Napoli.jpgNapoli
Granite New Caledonia.jpgNew Caledonia
Granite New Venetian Gold.jpgNew Venetian Gold
Granite Ornamental.jpgOrnamental
Granite Paradiso.jpgParadiso
Granite Peppered.jpgPeppered
Granite Prarie Green.jpgPrarie Green
Granite Red Dragon.jpgRed Dragon
Granite Santa Cecilia.jpgSanta Cecilia
Granite Saphire Blue.jpgSaphire Blue
Granite Sapphire Brown.jpgSapphire Brown
Granite Sea Foam Green.jpgSea Foam Green
Granite Silver Sea Green.jpgSilver Sea Green
Granite Stone Wood.jpgStone Wood
Granite Tan Brown.jpgTan Brown
Granite Tropic Brown.jpgTropic Brown
Granite Typhoon Bordeaux.jpgTyphoon Bordeaux
Granite Uba Tuba.jpgUba Tuba
Granite Verde Butterfly.jpgVerde Butterfly
Granite Verde Peacock.jpgVerde Peacock
Granite Volga Blue.jpgVolga Blue
Granite Yellow River.jpgYellow River